oh my god the ‘calculate your final score’ post had 400 notes yesterday and now it has 22 THOUSAND NOTES

why do i keep doing this, why do i post anything ever

edit in the ten minutes since i made this post, 2500 more notes, this is too much for me, i’m moving to a secluded log cabin with no internet where my only communication with the outside world will be calligraphy parchments i tie to the legs of sparrows. these parchments will say things like ‘pretty messed up that there were blue and green people on doug but no black people’ and ‘raise your hand if you just ate half a pound of fudge’

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tagged as:  #danger thighs  #text post superstar  #i have never managed to make a post that hit the sweet spot of like  #'enough notes that i feel like the post matters'  #'not so many notes that i hate myself'  #please note that i am mostly joking  #like i'm glad that people are finding that post useful bc it's the whole reason i made it in the first place  #i'm just very frustrated with the fact that there isn't a NATIVE noteblocking feature  #the xkit noteblock is great but it doesn't compensate by showing me the notes i've missed that are pushed out by notes on a popular post  #so whenever a post blows up like this i miss all my friends' responses to my dumb personal posts  #flarbgkhag

  1. jcatgrl said: whenever that happens to me i find that the only thing i can do is go to my /blog/[blogname] thing and look at the notes of all my recent personal posts. failing that, i get email notifications for replies anyway.
  2. crwthr said: really? i’ve got noteblock on a post and i see all the other notes from my other posts??? i think you can change settings for your activity page to do it
  3. unidentifiedspoon said: sorry leah you are TOO ON POINT you must be stopped
  4. edenprimes said: [laughing in the distance]
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