the idea that men can’t control their own rapey urges is not an idea perpetuated by women.

it is one that was begun by men and the patriarchy and continues through men and the patriarchy as an excuse for their terrible behavior.

misandry is not a widespread accepted social norm in the way that misogyny is. yeah, some women hate men, but our social order is constructed so that women are on the bottom. misandry exists only on a one-on-one scale while misogyny is supported by our culture.

feminists understand that the patriarchy sucks: it sucks for women, and it sucks for men, by placing unreasonable expectations on all of us regardless of gender and then punishing us for not meeting them.

feminists are not responsible for the patriarchy. the whole flipping point of feminism is to dismantle it. don’t let the system off the hook just bc it’s part of the zeitgeist and easy to blame feminists. 

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