where do you think dany got the big targaryen banner i hope jorah and barristan painted it for her

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I'm the chess player in my life, not just a piece.

↳  Margaery Tyrell + Manipulation of Kings requested by fangirls-anonymous

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Racebent Game of Thrones: Antonia Thomas as Daenerys Targaryen

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"Winterfell’s not in the South," Jon objected.
“Yes it is. Everything below the Wall’s south to us.”
He had never thought of it that way. “I suppose it’s all in where you’re standing.”
“Aye,” Ygritte agreed. “It always is."

Jon - A Clash of Kings

In which Jon Snow takes an enemy captive, and immediately proceeds to listen to one of her folk tales and see things from her perspective

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"You know nothing, Jon Snow" isn’t just a funny meme about Jon being stupid. It’s Ygritte telling him he doesn’t know things, and Jon caring enough to learn, and to incorporate what he learns into his worldview. Jon’s one of the few men in Westeros to consider what a woman would think/do before he makes decisions. This happens all throughout his chapters in ADWD, where he talks to her in his head. "They know nothing, Ygritte. And worse, they will not learn."

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Three siblings, a lucky number…and yet I am the last.

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#there are people who DON’T think she’s a lesbian???

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don’t you just love it when GRRM says stuff like

The Shae in the books is a manipulative camp-follower prostitute who doesn’t give a shit about Tyrion any more than she would any other john, but she’s very compliant, like a little teenage sex kitten, feeding all his fantasies; she’s really just in it for the money and the status. 

George R. R. Martin is a misogynist. His hyper sexualized and dehumanized sentiments towards sex workers, including Shae, proves this. 

I think it just proves how giving someone a shit load of money can bring out their true colours I hope people now understand that grrm never gave a shit about women and all his talks on feminism being important to him was just another way of luring in a vulnerable and misunderstood demographic for his own financial gain.

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why can’t there be more male characters like ned stark: good, noble

tragically killed to further the character development of his wife and children

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