the struggle. curse Alistair and his dumb puppy charm!!

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last night on Game of Thrones

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best line
I can’t


best line

I can’t

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ugh job




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I know I don’t have many BSG followers but I just need everyone to know that there are moments in television that I will someday get over but “MY NAME IS LEE ADAMA AND I LOVE KARA THRACE” is not one of them

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gets down on all fours “please let season 4 of community not suck” blows sacrificial lily petals into the wind

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when you find out someone you initially enjoyed as a person supports romney

This really bothers me.  A lot.  The post itself and all it entails.  Are you really telling me that your opinion of a person lowers simply because of who they are voting for?  So they’re fine three years and some odd months but because of an opinion your view of them is changed?

Well, uh. Yes.

Okay, look. Say you are friends with someone, and you just never happen to have talked about sports, and then one day they mention in passing what an outrage it is what they did to that nice Mr. Sandusky, who was such a great coach and really, really, loved those kids.

Can you imagine how that might change your views about someone?

Now imagine that it wasn’t just some kind of abstract general thing, but that you or a close friend had been abused in a similar situation. And that your friend knew that. And continued to insist that this was a minor thing that ought to have been overlooked.

I can certainly see people disagreeing about the economics. Heck, for all I know once he gets done lying to try to be all things to all people, Romney would turn out to have a sane economic plan. But… The fact is, he may be competent, but if he is, he’s a competent person who has devoted substantial time and effort to trying to eliminate civil rights for a fair number of people I care about.

Now, I can accept that someone might, plausibly, believe (1) that Romney is enough better than Obama on the economy to make a significant difference and (2) that this difference is important enough to put up with a few more years’ delay in recognition of the crazy notion that women and gays are actually people who ought to be considered capable of self-determination.

But the president’s job is to be a figurehead, not to really set policy. It’s Congress that spends the money and levies the taxes. The president’s job is to stand up for some kind of notion of what America should be like. I like the notion of an America where gays and women are not second-class citizens, and that is something that Obama clearly stands for and Romney clearly vehemently opposes. And the thing is… It’s also the only part of the job that really, unambiguously, matters. It’s the one thing that will have its full effect no matter what Congress does, because the figurehead position isn’t subject to bills and vetoes.

Ultimately, voting for Romney really isn’t voting for his economic policies (whatever they turn out to be; he’s steadfastly refused to give enough details for a coherent examination, but he’s made claims that are at least as ludicrously impossible as Obama’s), it’s voting for him as the figurehead. If you want to vote for economic policies, look at congress and senate races. When it comes to the presidency, you’re voting for the aura and the social values. And Romney’s social values are pretty much straight up “I’m a rich, straight, white male, I got mine, fuck you.”

Look, imagine that someone were running on the platform “we need to recognize that the Mormon church is a non-Christian cult, and we need to ban them from holding public office until they renounce their crazy secret society stuff”. And imagine you’re Mormon, and a friend of yours who knows you’re a Mormon, and knows that it’s a big part of your life, tells you that they think this person has some really great economic ideas, and they’re gonna vote for him. How are you gonna feel about that?

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