rituleen said:  Hey hey Leah so I hear you know about some steve/tony fics where steve figures it out first; care to share?

blammo - for america! READ IT RITU

A light flush crept up Steve’s neck. “You haven’t even let me kiss you yet.”

"You didn’t ask. No, wait," Tony backtracked, jabbing a finger at him. "I didn’t grow up some delicate virgin in Mayfield. If you really want to stick your tongue in my mouth, you damn well don’t hang around waiting for me to grant permission."

Steve nodded, said, “All right,” and got in close to pull Tony up into one of the sweetest kisses he’d ever had in his entire life. Not sweet in a soft, delicate way, but like the crunch of a sugar cube between his teeth, a sudden gritty burst of flavour that melted into something thick and smooth and lingering.

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caterjunes said:  ads;kfjla my reply button seems to be broken. Strictly speaking, it's possible. RDJ was born in 1965, so if Howard Stark were very young, say 25, in 1945, he'd only be 45 when he had Tony, which is not unreasonable.

oh it’s absolutely possible! i just mean in the future of comics, at some point, that relationship will likely have to be changed unless they introduce time travel shenanigans

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so this just happened

this is a result of: cat’s gif and chats with jizzy

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4Chan Liefeldizes The New 52 




I should be crying because this could actually happen but it’s actually really funny.

ahahahaha the one with nightwing’s feet covered by a bat completely killed me

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and there is nothing you can do to stop me.


and there is nothing you can do to stop me.

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