where do you think dany got the big targaryen banner i hope jorah and barristan painted it for her

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I'm the chess player in my life, not just a piece.

↳  Margaery Tyrell + Manipulation of Kings requested by fangirls-anonymous

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Racebent Game of Thrones: Antonia Thomas as Daenerys Targaryen

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Three siblings, a lucky number…and yet I am the last.

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#there are people who DON’T think she’s a lesbian???

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Raise your hand if you have been personally victimized by George R.R. Martin.



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game of thrones musical au

where jaime and brienne go through almost literally glinda and elphaba’s whole relationship arc starting with ‘what is this feeling’ and ending with ‘for good’ before one or more likely both of them dies

ramsay bolton sings ‘epiphany’ from sweeney todd complete with manic blade-swinging

arya sings the first half of mr cellophane before busting out into something like rose’s turn bc you can take the girl out of the north but you can’t take the north out of the girl

(which leads into gendry awkwardly singing ‘my unfortunate erection’)

sansa sings a dark minor key version of ‘the simple joys of maidenhood’ to margaery (and then they kiss) and the entire time petyr is lurking as he does and speak-singing ‘hello little girl’ from into the woods

cersei belts out ‘where i want to be’ from chess, it segues into ‘woman’ from the pirate queen (which is a duet with daenerys) before collapsing defeated in a fading spotlight

to lighten the mood tyrion sings that song from oklahoma about the burlesque and the tall buildings and whatnot

the whole nine thousand person cast sings ‘will i’ from rent

(jon snow sings nothing and the finale is hot pie singing ‘god that’s good!’ from sweeney todd)

#finale ultimo ultimo is everyone including the dead characters singing always look on the bright side of life from spamalot

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