The Animorphs (sans Ax)

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comic book meme + your dream casting↳ for dashokeypokey

Meghan Ory as Jessica Drew


comic book meme + your dream casting
↳ for dashokeypokey

Meghan Ory as Jessica Drew

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Ace Dragon Age II Headcanons~ 


Ace!Sebastian acting out and using sex as a way of getting attention, if not love - and not understanding why it always felt so hollow and pointless. Sebastian feeling a sense of relief coming back to the chantry, in being accepted, mentored, respected and even loved without having to give of himself physically. Realising that love did not need sex to exist, and finding peace in that.

Ace!Anders forming romantic attachments, and enjoying and finding comfort in the physical closeness of his his partner provided by sexual liaisons.

Ace!Isabela experiencing aesthetic and sensual attraction. She enjoys sex for what it is, and though she does not feel sexual attraction, manages a facsimile by finding people she finds pleasing to look at and wanting to touch them, to experience them in a tactile way - Enjoying the sensation of their skin under her fingers, tracing little scars, giggling quietly to herself as their skin turned to goose bumps from the passage of her exploring hands.

Ace!Varric with a low libido, giving no thought to sex unless he has a strong romantic connection with someone - and romance very rarely catches him unaware.

Ace!Fenris has a libido, but doesn’t really know how to direct it. It is not in his nature to seek out partners, and he is surprised when potential partners seek him out - but he enjoys the act itself, though he prefers to touch, rather than be touched.

Ace!Bethany is sex-repulsed, but an incurable romantic. She comes off as naive, but is less so than she appears. When she falls in love, she falls head over heals in love - but balks and becomes easily embarrassed when she tries to imagine her and her beau actually “doing it.”

Ace!Carver having sex because “that’s what boys do” - enjoying it, but wondering what all of the fuss is about, and why everyone else seems so obsessed with the deed. Carver having little crushes on pretty girls in Lothering that had nothing to do with sexual attraction, and everything to do with the way their hair caught the sunlight, or their smile, or the way they laughed.

Ace, demi-romantic Merrill with a low libido, always having something more important or interesting to do than bothering with sex. All that touching just seemed annoying and awkward and a little bit boring. She’s not repulsed, but she just doesn’t see the point.

Ace!Aveline is a demi-romantic with a libido. She’s happy enough to throw herself into her work, and can do quite happily without sex, but she enjoys it when in a relationship. Romantic feelings sneak up on her, and tend to throw her out of kilter as she doesn’t really know what to do with them.


They need a bit of editing, but here are my ace!headcanons. I want to do some for the Origins bunch as well.

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That random person you met online and now is a big part of your life 

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ok but what if like. werewolves transform under the full moon but theres just this one and by day hes a big tough guy and then when he transforms hes a tiny dog. just fucking. just fucking turns into the tiniest, fluffiest dog


imagine that howling at the moon






Truly a ferocious predator.

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avengers as evening gowns GO

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“ask your doctor if dirkjake is right for you”

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Starring such showstopping hits as:

  • Everyone In This Room Is A Whore
  • Duuuuude
  • He’s a dude but I’m a dude
  • Taking You Punks Down

“I give it a hearty good 10/10” - Igor


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universal should create a real life krusty krab it would be such a hit why haven’t they done that

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