Stardock fences?

it’s a super neat desktop tidying software!! it’s like ten buckazoids, or you can torrent and crack it it. it’s nice bc you can sort your shit into ‘fences’ —

and mess with opacity, or have a ‘portal’ to an actual folder, which i’ve done with my downloads and only shows on a mouseover —

and you can double click and everything is hidden!! SO TIDY

(double clicking again anywhere on the desktop brings it all back it’s GREAT)

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how many notes does it even have now




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I’m not sure how it works in the USA exactly, but when |I got checked I went to my GP and voiced my concerns and then she referred me to hospital for an ultrasound and blood tests.

that makes sense, thank you!!! have i made it obvious enough yet that i’m actually two children in an overcoat pretending to be an adult

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oh noooo how did you get home? me and tyler could have given you a ride because we were in johnsburg for a while after

swarls drove down to get us bc she’s a superhuman, we didn’t end up leaving illinois until almost 9 bc of friggin dicks mcgee

the frustrating part was that we stopped literally throwing distance from six flags, we stared at the american eagle for THREE HOURS

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lmao slap one around for a while

is that

is that not what sex is

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I’m gonna borrow your joke okay OKAY

do it hahaha the beautiful thing about the joke is that it is infinitely customizable to your audience. obviously when i started telling it george w bush was actually a topical reference but he endures okay he endures

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ughhhhhhhh i wish so much i had a job that would let me work from home. boo.

DO IT stephanie band together with joe and build a barricade of furniture until you get remote access

why do you get to work from home today???

we all get to work from home one day a week once we get our remote access!! i was given mine somewhat early to do an overtime project last week and now they can’t take it away from me, it’s mine, i found it, IT CAME TO ME

Jealous! I do data entry. That sounds like it’d be an at home job. It is noooot. And im working 20 hour of ot this week because im a masochist who loves money

yo money is literally the greatest you go girl

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i just remember that i’m lucky and privileged to have two eyes (the letter i x 2) and two ears (the letter e x 2)

oh my goodness elaine you just changed my life!

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what’s a clif bar?

they’re like fairly healthy mostly tasty granola bars!!

they come in chewy style and crunchy style among others, the chewy looks disgusting though so i’m not including pictures of either hahah

they’re fairly filling - if i have one for bfast and one for lunch, i’m satisfied until about 2 pm which is when i get off work and can bagel it up anyway. they’re 200 calories a pop as well and i credit a lot of my weight loss to them

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