weird question; what’s dental insurance like? I’m asking all the Real Adults (tm) I know after having graduated and not knowing anything about any jobs other than professors

it’s pretty awesome, but my job is sort of unique in the industry (it was created for me after i temped and gradually took on more responsibility)! i don’t really deal with anything dental, i just do data analysis for the company

that said, working in insurance is worth it even just for the benefits. i got about three thousand dollars of dental work done this year for zero dollars, so insurance is the way to go if you have medical/dental issues

my company is a third party administrator, which means actual insurance companies like united healthcare farm out their admin work to us. a tpa job is awesome bc the work environment is low key and you can wear jeans to the office. it sounds like a small thing but it makes a huge difference in how i don’t dread going to work

we’re a small business (somewhere around 200-300 employees spread across a couple of offices), but we’re made up of people with tons of different skillsets - customer service, it, data entry, or me with my sweet hardcore math skillz

so it’s kind of the opposite of a professor job but it’s great in its own way c:

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*presses face to screen* are you watching outlander?

i’m in the middle of the first episode! and so far i DIG IT

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no. they’re pretty badly written, rapey, and the author compared fanfic to ‘white slavery.’


okay i will just enjoy the beautiful actors then ty for the tip!

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the hell??? how can this person follow your blog and still believe it’s simply about ~~discomfort~~

they don’t follow me, i get smelly ‘WON’T SOMEBODY PLS THINK OF THE MEN’ messages like this all the time since i pasted cait’s tags into this post and they have been spread about the tumblr lmao

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basic black tank top (like the one you get at forever 21 for $2) with a black cardigan and black tights/boots AND get a necklace that goes with the skirt. skirt is the focal point, the necklace connects it with the rest of the outfit.

smooches your whole face

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those crock pot liners are life changing

SERIOUSLY oh my gosh and they’re like fifty cents each they’re magic

when i think of all the time i wasted scrubbing a crockpot i just

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little-audrey replied to your post: oh man david is out with a friend of o…

is he with your other husband

he is indeed they are having a nice date downtown

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when varric finds out seb is ace too, his chilly demeanor toward the whole chantry brother thing fades a lot and they start spending time together doing target practice and sharing stories of shitty brothers

how can i possibly add to this to improve it

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oh helllllll yeah gimme that

i thought of you when i was posting!! i was like aw yeah rachel’s gonna be all about this

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i got the sheet music from that post i rebooped earlier but so far i haven’t found any backing tracks on the youtube??? we may have to wait for the internet to provide unless you want to play as well as sing lmao

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