yep…and don’t get me started on the weird ass shiny lizard skin effect on any exposed skin

exactly oh my god

like this is something that either a) came up during creation and the dev team went ‘meh, not worth the time/resources to fix’ or b) it never came up because no one even thought to make a brown pc

i feel somewhat better about how dark skin will look in da3 since that early trailer of vivienne casting some kind of light and she looked amazing (when does she not tbh) but the carelessness and ignorance with which they’ve treated designing for brown characters in the past up to and including whitewashing in the keep doesn’t give me much hope

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they gotta be in full costume tho, to prove which is TRULY superior like no cheating with N7 armor or pistols

klingon warrior vs the king under the mountain, WHO WILL EMERGE VICTORIOUS???

can you imagine though if this was like. a benefit for refugees after the reaper war. after the basic bare bones of rebuilding are done (communications infrastructure etc), attendees donate exborbitant sums to get seats in the arena, and the fight is broadcast across the galaxy?? some famous elcor comedian does the introductions, and an asari historian who studies human culture explains star trek and the hobbit and there’s like. a phone bank staffed by salarians to take donations from people watching the fight! 

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It would be a real sword tho, amelise doesn’t throw money at cheap replicas, if she’s gonna buy a sword it’s gonna be able to take someone’s head off

so what you’re saying is that at some point there is an exhibition battle between tala and amelise, bat’leth v orcrist

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tala and amelise being mutual omega-level geeks is still my fav thing jsyk

tala is like ‘i can’t believe how much money you spent on the orcrist replica it’s just a fake sword’

and amelise is like ‘this from the woman who has a bat’leth mounted over her BED’

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go with your heart

you are a terrible influence

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'god damn accurate spoilers' 'tony stark ass box' 'nerd culture swallowed in the sea' your tag mashups are FANTASTIC

i’m laughing so hard oh my god tony stark ass box

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:o what is astrea wearing

orlesian noble light armors!! they’re sooo easy to add if you have console enabled (and console is easy to enable if you use origin idk about other methods though!) and there are like twelve different color variants all of which are gorgeous

there is also the rough and tumble older sister, orlesian noble hunting armors

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omg leah ilu can i reblog this

absolutely yes c:

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OH DAMN IT’S EVEN CUTER FROM THE SIDE. you look like the cute girl from season 1 heroes who was into mohinder

you mean from the only season of heroes

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