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What game are you dming? Is this your first time? If not do you have any tips for first time dms?

i’ve been running a d&d 4e campaign for my friends and fam for about two years!

probably the tip i could have used the most when i was first starting is that you don’t have to do it all. having an awesome time and creating a fun environment is everybody’s job, not just the dm’s. so delegate your tasks if you need to! personally i care more about the story than about rules (SO many numbers in 4e, ugh), so i made my brother the rules guy because he is all about rules. this goes for any task that you don’t feel you’d be good at, or you just want to get off your plate

ik you’re doing the dragon age rpg, and i don’t know what resources are available to you, but if there are cookie cutter published adventures you can run for your first time out, i’d recommend that so you can find your dming style. it took a lot of pressure off me when i was first starting out to come up with an antagonist and a macguffin and everything by running the slaying stone module, so if something like that exists for da, try it out!

and ask your players for feedback c: my players know that i want to make the game as fun for them as i can, so if the encounters are too hard or too easy, they’ll let me know. if they feel like i’m pushing them too hard to go a certain direction when they want to explore, they’ll let me know. so if you want a collaborative environment like that you might have to tell your players a few times ‘no really i actually do want to know what you want me to change’ but it’s very helpful for me personally!!

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that’s why i always shower in the morning tbh

i’m a recent convert to showering in the morning and i LOVE it (showers take no time at all when you have short hair omg)

but then predictably hair product on my pillows led to ruthless breakouts sooo it’s back to nighttime showering for me unfortunately

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i know you probably meant dungeons and dragons but my first thought was “disco and dogs”

that is literally the greatest idea anyone has ever had

i googled it:

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It might be in two different places, if you’ve tried changing it in one and it didn’t change. I can look when I’m off mobile, or if you can send me the code

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I know it involves {text-transform: lowercase;} but I’m not sure where that goes xP

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dude i am an admin, i will just look at it haha

thank you all so much!! admittedly i did forget that my sister who actually knows code is an admin of that blog lmao so she is on the case but i really do appreciate it ccc:

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yep…and don’t get me started on the weird ass shiny lizard skin effect on any exposed skin

exactly oh my god

like this is something that either a) came up during creation and the dev team went ‘meh, not worth the time/resources to fix’ or b) it never came up because no one even thought to make a brown pc

i feel somewhat better about how dark skin will look in da3 since that early trailer of vivienne casting some kind of light and she looked amazing (when does she not tbh) but the carelessness and ignorance with which they’ve treated designing for brown characters in the past up to and including whitewashing in the keep doesn’t give me much hope

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they gotta be in full costume tho, to prove which is TRULY superior like no cheating with N7 armor or pistols

klingon warrior vs the king under the mountain, WHO WILL EMERGE VICTORIOUS???

can you imagine though if this was like. a benefit for refugees after the reaper war. after the basic bare bones of rebuilding are done (communications infrastructure etc), attendees donate exborbitant sums to get seats in the arena, and the fight is broadcast across the galaxy?? some famous elcor comedian does the introductions, and an asari historian who studies human culture explains star trek and the hobbit and there’s like. a phone bank staffed by salarians to take donations from people watching the fight! 

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It would be a real sword tho, amelise doesn’t throw money at cheap replicas, if she’s gonna buy a sword it’s gonna be able to take someone’s head off

so what you’re saying is that at some point there is an exhibition battle between tala and amelise, bat’leth v orcrist

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tala and amelise being mutual omega-level geeks is still my fav thing jsyk

tala is like ‘i can’t believe how much money you spent on the orcrist replica it’s just a fake sword’

and amelise is like ‘this from the woman who has a bat’leth mounted over her BED’

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go with your heart

you are a terrible influence

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