omg I actually liveblogged how much I hate that origin and- I hope it came off like I was joking about and I wasn’t prescribing how to feel about it?? bc I support your pursuit to have own opinions in fandom thing 1000%, enjoy cousland origin pal

oh gosh it’s not any specific person! it’s like a feedback loop where cousland stans were out of control before i came into the fandom, so people (for good reason!) started disliking cousland, then i belatedly came on the scene and loved cousland out of SPITE

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i missed you on tumblr

i mean i’m not running a human supremacy blog here but i feel like the most care/effort went into creating the cousland storyline

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OMG What’s funny is that I didn’t name her Brandon did??? Tala is the name for the Filipino goddess of the stars uwu

that’s who tala shep is named for since her mom was filipina ccc: TALA-BUDDIES

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what hahah i do not remember this

it was on the facebook, idk if it was from before you deleted your thingy

you were like ‘air jordans are pretty happening’ and then a second went by and you said ‘i guess that’s my go-to trend?’ you nerdball

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little-audrey replied to your post: i want to crochet a big fuckhuge quilt…

terrible…y AWESOME

ya horrible


thatonepalekid replied to your post: i want to crochet a big fuckhuge quilt…

Man every blanket I’ve ever knitted ever is just a combination of big rectangles. Rectangles are the best.


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homie, I avoided supernatural like the plague in the days before tumblr savior

the days before tumblr savior are my secret shame days of being OBSESSED with supernatural, i have so many regrets in my life

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or scroll really quickly past those posts

girl i work 50 hour weeks i do not have time for those shenanigans

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YES but learn from my mistakes and pick both a large stocky yarn and large needles. don’t pick small tiny soft things that look pretty and will take you approximately twenty lifetimes to finish

this is EXACTLY the kind of answer i was looking for, you are the most helpful, thank you so much ;3;

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i think i’ve missed something; what’s it specifically this time (if u feel up to elaborating)?

she wrote a short hp story about a dumbledore’s army reunion at the world cup as though it were written by rita skeeter

'word of god' is frankly exhausting to me at the best of times (if you want it to be canon PUT IT IN THE FUCKING CANON YOU DINGUS SLASH COWARDLY DINGUS) and that’s not even mentioning how this story (and lbh hp as a whole) turns gayness into a punchline or insult (BC HARRY WOULD NEVER BE INTERESTED IN KRUM, DO YOU GET IT) (WHY ISN’T CHARLIE MARRIED???? PROBS GAY, PROBS A CHARACTER DEFECT)

i’m just

stop jk rowling 2k14 - 2kforever

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