i’ve been hella breaking out lately, in a way that i never have before and in places i never have before - like, rather than those big painful lurker zits on my chin, lots of super tiny red bumps on my forehead/cheeks

so i’m starting to think it’s a reaction to my (fairly new) face wash rather than proper acne

so those of you cool folks who have sensitive baby skin, what do you use to not freak out your face??

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but for real the symphony of science videos mean SO MUCH to me in a way that is sort of overboard and offputting

in 2009 when these were a new thing i was hell of depressed, i was unemployed, not going to school, and in a less than ideal living situation that exacerbated everything, basically a useless human lump

and then friggin josh groban friggin tweeted the ‘we are all connected’ video and it made me feel feelings for the first time in months

the ‘a glorious dawn’ video touched me so much that i got a tattoo of it???!!?!? so what i’m saying is you can find meaning in unexpected weird places and symphony of science might change your flippin life

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ooh bogo salted caramel mochas at starbucks you say what a nice promotion treat your friend to a drink

buys myself two coffees

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worldbuilding slash geology questions

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writing tips: build world, THEN plot -_- signed, a big dummy

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hey friends if you are one of those cool types who tags long posts please remember that those ‘ask me questions’ chat posts that have literally 100 questions are long as dicks so tag those too ty ty

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on today’s episode of ‘cool things about italian’: having different words for the different ways we use the word ‘or’ (like if i asked you ‘do you want coffee or tea’ one meaning is asking whether either is fine, and the other meaning is asking you to choose between them IDK HOW TO WORDS AND EXPLAIN IT BUT IT’S NEAT)

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just so you beautiful tree frogs know i keep my dnd resources (player guides, dm guides, monster manuals, cookie-cutter adventures etc) in a dropbox in case anyone ever asks for them!! i won’t post the link publicly but always feel free to send me an ask for the goods ccc:

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skater dresses are the best thing that ever happened to people with my body type

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i have spent SO MUCH MONEY on clothes in the last two days (some of them were necessary expenses, like, i need pants and bras that fit but… not all) and i’m choosing to just not think about it and leave it to be future leah’s problem

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