can we just collectively as a fandom quit writing bruce banner doing medical shit, he is a nuclear physicist, the fields are so different, it’s like taking a character who canonically is a chemical engineer and writing them conducting a frickin train

yes you call them both doctor but they’re not the same thing

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this is just a reminder that mustard pretzels are delicious and you should eat some

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yesterday at dnd my players were chartering passage on a boat and the rogue bluffed and said ‘we don’t have much money’ and rolled a natural 20 so i was like FINE it’s half price but only bc you rolled so well and can look like a convincing ragamuffin

and three other players were like GASP SHE ROLLED A 20!! THE CAPTAIN’S GONNA GIVE US THE SHIP! and they started waving their arms around and loudly singing ‘FREE SHIP! FREE SHIP! FREE SHIP!’ and i was so tempted to say that if they were saying these words, they were saying them in-game and their antics just fucked up the incredible bluff roll, but i was in a good mood so i let it happen

next time though

it’s going down

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my dm is a real hardass when it comes to staying in character and not being on your phones during play and i LOVE that and i know i’m not like the world’s greatest dm but it’s so fucking frustrating when three out of my five players are on their phones like i put so much time and effort and heart into my campaign and it’s disheartening as hell and makes me want to quit

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my sexuality is hyper specific when it comes to reading fanfiction bc if there isn’t exactly the right amount of pining and buildup to the sex i’m like UGH GROSS and i skip right over the squelchy parts but if there is ~longing~ and ~months of protracted desire~ i’m like yyyyeeaaaahhhhh

eta don’t reblog this i am aware of what demisexuality is lmao also it’s cool if you relate to this but do not reblog

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I just said “yeah give me a smooth regular” which for the uninitiated, isn’t actually a real thing on any menu. is the best sentence i have ever read, i’m crylaughing about it all over again

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finally get home to see the first homestuck update in a year and the site is ALREADY broken, i’m so upset

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so i pretty heartily unrecommend all the neutrogena skin products i had previously been so excited about lmao

i was so excited about my face not being oily that i took a ‘maybe it’s just getting worse before it gets better’ philosophy toward the horrible rash the cleanser gave me on my face and neck

so um if you have sensitive skin maybe steer clear of neutrogena x-treme gentle cleanser and fresh face cleanser

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thank you everyone for your advice on cosplay!! the spiderman thing was stressing me out (getting shit in time for halloween, possibly destroying two hoodies to create one superhoodie, deciding whether i was going to go to fantasticon etc etc etc) so since i already got the cool slytherin tie i’m going to focus on draco malfoy for now and table rosy higgins spiderman ccc:

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this is going to sound like a sassy question but it’s NOT i’m totally earnest here okay

how do my cosplaying friends justify putting potentially a lot of money and certainly a lot of time and effort into a costume?? i’m not judging your life choices at all i’m looking for help justifying my first cosplay and on one hand i’m like ‘i really wanna assemble the rosy higgins spider-man redesign!!!’ and on the other hand i’m like ‘where am i even going to wear this to also that money could buy me hundreds of tacos’ 

how does one get started on this slippery slope

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