@rit BOOM stony fic, now take a nap cc:

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i love this little tidbits into your courtship it’s like reading bits and pieces of a romance novel that actually happened


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I adore you two


right after i sent the first message that was TOO LONG for okc to handle:


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also hot water bottles and blankets and pillows under your back and warm tea help a lot just cuddle yourself essentially

but rit what if i want YOU to cuddle me

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theroself replied to your photo:i need it
I thought that was Jesus

in a way he is rit

in a way he is

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rituleen said:  #quietly preens my name means cow COW GODDESS

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theroself replied to your photo “okay step one combining things that are weird together (lace +…”

Oh no babe alert babe alert


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LOVE THOSE TIGHTS BRO in fact i think i might have that exact pair… LOOKIN GOOD DUDE


oooooh I love the first one! the second looks good but I would probs use a less patterned tight with the lacy top BUT it’s totally fine to layer the lace and loads of people do it :3


DAMN GURL so freakin’ cute. The one on the left is my favorite of the two. For the right, maybe try pairing it with brightly colored, solid tights - like perhaps a blue to match your hair, or a purple color?


Those stockings are awesome! So is the red dress! :D

oh my goodness thank you everyone!! c: you are such a wonderful support system when i put dumb things on my body

please keep the help coming in the future if the mood strikes you, i’m a total dummy when it comes to clothes and how clothing works what is a fashion

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this makes me want to play the game


it’s fourteen smackers here http://www.greenmangaming.com/s/us/en/pc/games/action/mass-effect-trilogy-na/ or ELEVEN smackers with this promo code GMG20-8MUTY-M21VN

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you can’t change the controls to use keyboard/mouse?

ah sorry i wasn’t really clear! the controls are keyboard/mouse, they’re just terrible and all over the place, and seem sort of thoughtlessly shoehorned in?? like optimized for xbox and not pc controls even slightly at all

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rituleen said:  when you did your braid how did you make the crown of your head poof like that? It always sits flat on my head when I braid and I hate it ;_;

i’m not really sure haha! when i put my hair up i tend to pull it all up into the initial three sections of the braid (or maybe the next three depending on where it sits) so i look kind of bald on the sides but big on top if that makes any sense??

it also probably has a lot to do with the front of my hair being sort-of long bangs and not even length with the rest of my hair. they are always trying to escape and that manifests in poofiness

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