"Please stop selling shirts carelessly" wtf are they supposed to interview the people buying them like what does this dude want

"She smiled and laughed long enough to make you go away"

In high school I wouldn’t wear band shirts in public because men would stop me on the street and ridicule me for not knowing a certain obscure song by the band or fact about one of the members, like what the actual fuck.

tiny disgusting little man harasses woman he doesn’t know and attempts to shame her for wearing a shirt 

I used to wear t-shirts from the band “Slayer” and like these weird dudes would come up to me all the time and would be like “Slayer!! Woo!” and want to talk to me about “Slayer”, and I’m like “I’ve never even heard one song by Slayer, I just like the shirt.” and then they like get this weird confused look on their face and are like “You should listen to Slayer bro! Woo! Slayer.” and now I don’t even wear my Slayer shirts anymore.

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Aug. 29 11:28 pm 


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i didnt really feel like i “beat” mass effect 3 i felt like mas effect 3 beat me

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"As for a movie with a non-white lead; if Marvel makes Thor 3 before it makes Black Panther, it will have made ten movies headlined by blond white men named Chris before it makes one movie headlined by someone who isn’t even white. (They can cast a black actor named Chris. That’s totally OK.)"

— Marvel Studios and diversity, everyone. (From here.)
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*sees spoiler warning for a thing i like* oh no *reads it anyway* shit i’ve been spoiled

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a nice photoset of lucy liu looking like a queen and jonny lee miller looking like a dingus

accurate summary of the show too tbh

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the first three words you see are what you want in life 



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reading a really gross smut fic out of curiosity only to discover a new kink thrust at you like a fucking diploma of shame

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Things I Wish Had Happened But Didn’t Because Bioware Has No Vison Sucks 3/? - jacob just getting better treatment overall

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I think I may be gayer than originally planned

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